• Justin Ochsner

3 Important Things to Consider for Multiple-User Social Media Accounts

Updated: Apr 8, 2020

Does your business have more than one person in charge for posting on social media? If so, there are 3 main things you should consider in order to effectively manage your social media accounts.

1. Danger of multiple posting

Let’s say you have a great idea that you want to post on your social media platforms. You’re excited about it. You feel it’s really well thought out and will help your business. So, you make the content, carefully word the text in the post and publish it. You wait to check because you know you have more important things to do other than stare at a computer screen to cheer and give a fist pump to every like/engagement that happens with the post. Then, later in the afternoon, you look and find out that the other people in your business that have access to your accounts posted right after you did. Not only are you worried about flooding news feeds of potential customers (because you know that could help them tune out your company), but now your post is further down on your own page and the likeliness of that being seen has gone down. What if one of their next scheduled posts was about to go live, too?! Now your post has slid even further down the attention totem pole. Situations like this happen all too often. When you aren’t on the same page with the other editors/contributors of your social media platform, you aren’t sure when and what they are posting. What if each of you had great ideas and the content was spot on? Now you bottle-necked them all within an hour of each other instead of spreading them out during optimal times throughout the week. Spread out those great pieces of content so they each have a better chance to catch your viewers’ attention.

2. Different looks/writing styles