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Engagement, It's a Two Way Street

So you have a social media account that has grown stagnant with followers and not many people are interacting with your content. You feel like you’re making great content and it’s even aimed at your business objectives, so what gives?! We get a lot of people asking how to grow their following and engagement with their posts. There is no doubt that creating great content can help with these areas,

but what if nobody saw it? One of the first things you need to look at is yourself. Are you engaging with other posts as your business?

This thought can be applied no matter what social media platform you are using whether it’s Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc. People like companies or other people that engage with them, it’s the social part of social media!

You shouldn’t feel like this has to be something that takes up a lot of time either. You can do a lot of this quickly from your phone...if you have it organized correctly. Twitter, for example, can get overwhelming with the amount of people you follow and what they are posting. So, I recommend that you get organized using Twitter lists.

Think of customers, influencers or topics that you’d want to look at by itself and add it to a list. Now, when you’re out walking the dog or sitting in a waiting room, you can easily pull up that list, look through it, and start liking, retweeting or commenting on posts relevant to you and your business in no time at all.

When it comes to Instagram, you may not have lists. But you can search for certain hashtags relevant to your business or you can even search by location. If you’re a local business, start by searching for posts in the city that you’re located in. Try to find other people or businesses posting about things that your company would be involved in. Then start liking, commenting or following them!

Facebook might get a little tricky since not everyone’s posts are public and to like/interact with a page as your business, you’ll have to do it from your laptop or through the Pages App. As you identify other businesses, pages or people that are relevant to your company, you’ll have to go to their page, click on the options menu (three little dots at the top by the cover photo), select to “Like as a page” and then select your company. After you build up pages that your business likes, go back to your page and look at the right-hand side of your profile. There is an area to click on so that you can just see posts from pages that your business has liked; pretty much your business's Newsfeed. Now, as you go through them, simply do the same things we just mentioned above: like, comment or even share relevant content.

As with all strategies when it comes to social media, you need to make sure and have patience and trust the process. If you do everything I just said for a week and then go back to your normal ways, you’re not going to receive the full benefits of these tactics. It has to become a standard part of your work life. Think about certain areas to focus on for each day, think that you just have to like 4-5 tweets/posts a day, follow 1 person and make 1 comment. If you can consistently do that about 5-6 times a week, you will see your accounts start to grow over time.

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