• Matt Anderson

Getting Social With Your Event Promotions: Before, During & After

Hello everyone! I thought it would be a good idea to share some of our thoughts and tips that we’ve learned from helping businesses out with the promotion of an event they are hosting. Last summer we helped the Brookings Bobcat Backers with their annual golf fundraising tournament, and it was the first time that all three of us - Andy, Justin and myself - were able to do an event promotion together.

Now, Justin and I have done several different marketing campaigns geared toward an event, but this was the first time that all three of us did one together. Not only did we learn some tips that I wanted to share with everyone, but we also realized how much fun these are to do together. So, whether you have an event coming up, or hosting events is a central part of your business, I hope you get some tips/tricks you can use after reading this. If you have any tips that I may have missed in this, feel free to comment below. It’s always great hearing how others use marketing!

Get Prepared

It’s easy, especially with social media, to think that when the day comes you’ll know what to do and you’ll share things as they happen. This is a dangerous route to take. There are probably a lot of other responsibilities that you will have during the event and could easily end up forgetting about social media entirely.