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Getting Started On Social Media: Part 2

After you’ve selected the social media platforms that fit your business and your target audience, you’re going to want to start collecting content. There’s no magic machine that spits out pictures and videos of what you do every day for your customers. You’re responsible for that part.

Collecting Assets

You’ll want to start by thinking about the type of content you want to post. There are a variety of ways to share content from pictures to live and recorded video to motivational, business-relevant text. Make sure you use some sort of visual to catch people’s attention and stop them from scrolling on by.

The easiest way to start collecting assets to connect with your audience is to grab your cell phone and start taking pictures and video of your business! You can do this yourself or, if you’re the only person in your business, have a friend take some pictures for you. And pictures of you. You and your people represent your brand.

Share who you are and how you work. Show your work setting, whether that’s just you and your laptop at a coffee shop or a meeting room full of people talking business strategy. Grab quick videos of you setting up to work or closing down after a long day and anything in between. Take notes about what you’re doing during those pictures and videos for adding context later.

At this point, you don’t even have to know how you’re going to use some of these assets, but you won’t always have the chance to gather them later when you’re looking to create your posts.

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