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Website Proposals

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483 Landscaping

Redesign website to fit current state of business operations and refresh overall look to reflect a modern vibe.

Ascension Lutheran Church

Create a centralized hub for your current congregation and a homebase for new members who want to be a part of the church.

C3 Scouting

To develop a dynamic, engaging website for C3 Scouting that effectively showcases its scouting services, covering multiple geographical areas and offering detailed reports and updates on targeted prospects in basketball scouting.

CP3 Camps

To provide a cohesive branded platform with an easier user experience for both CP3 Rising Stars and CP3 Middle School Camps.

Emily Talbot/MedSpa

Create a stunning/modern website that showcases services and information

GoodSpirits Fine Wine & Liquor

Redesign your website to provide more functionality, an improved update ability and additional features that make your life easier.

Jeff Becker MPC

Create a website that allows for business operations, information and the ability to streamline workloads for Jeff Becker. We also want to tell your story through design and information within your new website.

Maxwel Reede

Create a website that showcases your art but also allows for purchase of all pieces through the platform. We also want to show any art shows "events" through the website as well.

Move with Rea

Create a centralized hub for all yoga sessions, courses, challenges, groups and your community. To also provide an easy streamlined system for all business processes.

Olaf Anderson

Redesign website on a new platform allowing for ease of use for Olaf Anderson in both editing and updates and management of company's data.

The Healing Practice

The primary objective is to create a central hub for the four founders and to establish a cohesive brand for their new venture called The Healing Practice.

The Optical Shop

Transfer existing website to a more user friendly platform where edits can be made regularly and consistently.

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