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483 Landscaping

These options are NOT EXACT designs for your site. These offer features that we can use to design your custom site. We want feedback from you so we can expedite your process and get an idea for what you like and don't like on your website.

Within these template are features that we know you will find useful and items that you want to improve your site. The FEEDBACK FORM ON THE BOTTOM OF THIS PAGE IS CRUCIAL. Enter as much information about what you like or dislike about these templates and we will then combine everything to fit your specific needs. Lastly, the area that states, other URL addresses you like are options like the other landscaping company in town you referenced in our meeting. If there are other company sites you like enter them there so I can review and add to your website!


We picked three templates that have features you mentioned in our initial meeting and additional options we feel you may like within those examples! Once you look through these options, fill out the form at the bottom of this page and we will review your thoughts. Then, we will begin work on your new website!

REMINDER: You can like items from each of these options. Whatever you like please enter that in your response! Fonts, colors, logos content, layouts etc will all be customized. These are just starting points.

483 Landscaping


This is the simplest starting point. It is a one page option that uses "anchors" to navigate viewers where you want them on the homepage.

  • Simple in it's design

  • Showcase services and portfolio of work predominantly

  • You can dive into more detail with each service as you can see

  • Glimpse at what you can do for booking options (We can go over that more in detail for specific use case)

  • Membership option on this site as well (Not necessary but has potential)

Template Options
483 Landscaping


This option is a little more of an advanced design look with the use of video headers, animations and storytelling on the homepage

  • Modern feel

  • Booking options as well (I see this as your free estimate option)

  • Use of anchors and multiple pages to accomplish what you need to be conveyed

  • Animations that add character and pizzaz to your site separating it from the rest

483 Landscaping


This is the most modern look I think we could use as an option for pieces to add to your specific site.

  • Cool layout options for portfolio of work

  • Modern way to showcase services

  • Streamlined with great use of the parallax feature for header images (image stays on scroll giving a modern look)

  • Gallery, testimonials and portfolio shown nicely and easy to read

  • Header and Footer are cut down and streamlined as well with exact information and contact options at the forefront

Your Feedback
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