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Ty Eschenbaum Foundation

These options are NOT EXACT designs for your site. These offer features that we can use to design your custom site. We want feedback from you so we can expedite your process and get an idea for what you like and don't like on your website.


We picked three templates that have features you mentioned in our initial meeting and additional options we feel you may like within those examples! Once you look through these options, fill out the form at the bottom of this page and we will review your thoughts. Then, we will begin work on your new website!

REMINDER: You can like items from each of these options. Whatever you like please enter that in your response! Fonts, colors, logos content, layouts etc will all be customized. These are just starting points.

Ty Eschenbaum Foundation


This option is similar to the Bobcat Backers layout. With a focus on events and donations it's vibrant yet modern.

  • Events on Homepage

  • Donation Buttons in multiple places

  • Vibrant and Bright

  • Boxes "focal" points for important info

  • Simplistic in Nature

Template Options
Ty Eschenbaum Foundation


This option has s slightly different layout with more of an outside the box layout. Cool single page anchor layout that flows.

  • You can see a "parallax" effect on banner images. Where on scroll the image stays semi in place.

  • Pinned elements keep important information in view at all times

  • Single page layout that make it easy to find things.

  • Unique layout options

Ty Eschenbaum Foundation


Completely different layout than the other two options. Main difference is the hamburger menu options instead of a traditional navigation header.

  • Unique layouts

  • Great use of animations

  • Larger Header for logo to be the focal point

  • Awesome use of sidebars and pinned elements

  • A different way to see how you can have your events laid out.

  • Membership platform options as you see the login button at the top of the site in the main header

  • Subscription option in the footer for easy newsletter sign up

Your Feedback
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