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New Medspa

These options are NOT EXACT designs for your site. These offer features that we can use to design your custom site. We want feedback from you so we can expedite your process and get an idea for what you like and don't like on your website.

Within these template are features that we know you will find useful and items that you want to improve your site. The FEEDBACK FORM ON THE BOTTOM OF THIS PAGE IS CRUCIAL. Enter as much information about what you like or dislike about these templates and we will then combine everything to fit your specific needs. Lastly, the area that states, other URL addresses you like are options like the other Medspa companies you referenced in our meeting. If there are other company sites you like enter them there so I can review and add to your website!


We picked three templates that have features you mentioned in our initial meeting and additional options we feel you may like within those examples! Once you look through these options, fill out the form at the bottom of this page and we will review your thoughts. Then, we will begin work on your new website!

REMINDER: You can like items from each of these options. Whatever you like please enter that in your response! Fonts, colors, logos content, layouts etc will all be customized. These are just starting points.

New Medspa


This is a modern/classy look that shows some of the features like animations and anchors to drop to spots within pages to view information. I think this could be something that ties into the color scheme you are going for as well as being classy but not prude. Simple and elegant.

  • Single page anchor setup

  • Smooth animation transition for information

  • Modern & Elegant

  • Social Media feed options on homepage

  • Color use is similar to what I see for your brand

  • Unique Non-Traditional Layout

Template Options
New Medspa


This template has a flashy/modern with a bit of wild feel to it. It is a combination of both single page layout with anchor use and a traditional navigation with set pages. You also get a chance to see how you could layout your team and services.

  • Traditional and New School feel

  • Vibrant Color schemes

  • Classy but with the times

  • Sleek and easy to navigate pages

  • Simple layout

  • Use of dynamic pages making future edits easy! (reference any team pictures or services to see what I mean)

New Medspa


With this option, you can see a completely non traditional look. The feel is much like Option A with the block layout and color scheme feel. But, with the side navigation you can give your clients a completely different feel just with that one change. Still classy and modern and just shy of the prude feel in my opinion.

  • Side navigation bar

  • full width imagery with use of parallax in areas (image stays while page scroll - almost looks like it moves slightly)

  • Simple and to the point

  • You can see the unique use of the blog posts with a fun layout.

  • A few different features than the first 2 options

Your Feedback
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