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5 Ideas For Going Live On Social Media

Have you ever wanted to go live on social media but not sure what exactly you would say or do? We all know that going live is one of the most attention-grabbing pieces of content that you can do, especially on Facebook where it will notify anyone who likes your page that you are now going live. This improves the chance of your followers seeing it before it shows up in their news feed among other pages that they follow. Not only that but once you are done, and if you’re satisfied with the video, it now becomes a post on your page and you can share it with others!

Well, worry no more! We are here to help you with some ideas. Here are 5 different content ideas that you can start using right away to go live on social media:

  1. Showcase a new product or service - If you have any products or services, this is a great way to highlight them. Before you go live, make sure you list out the main points you want to get across during the video. You want to make sure there is enough to say so that when people see that you are going live you are still there talking. Then also think about visuals to keep it interesting. Try holding the actual product. Or maybe have some poster boards explaining what the actual product is.

  2. Teach your audience how to do something - Is there something about your business or industry that you feel your customers don't realize? This can also be a great way to educate them by taking them through a "how to practice." Maybe you offer a service where you can take some simple tips and walk people through them - like this!

  3. Host a Q&A session - Perhaps you could have another co-worker on to talk about their area of expertise. Or you could look to ask an influencer in your market or a customer onto the show to talk about a specific subject. Whomever you choose, make sure to send them some of your questions ahead of time so they have plenty of time to prepare before going live. You should also discuss if there are any points/topics that you should NOT bring up to avoid any awkwardness that could happen when you are shooting. Remember, again, it’s live and you can’t edit out the awkwardness later.

  4. Tour of your business/event - Do you have a cool place where you work? Maybe you can start going live and walk around the office giving everyone an overview of where you are located and how your work. Perhaps get together with others in the office and make it a little more interactive where you stop and talk to each person about their area of work as you're going around. The other idea is that maybe you have an event coming up. You could go live before the event is open and give your audience a sneak peek of what they can expect when they attend. This could also help create some FOMO to those that weren’t previously thinking about attending. But now, they see how cool it looks and change their mind (boom - bonus).

  5. Answer questions you've received - Start a document (or grab a pen/paper if you’re old school like me) and start keeping track of questions you are getting from your customers. This could either be from emails, phone conversations, comments on a blog post or comments on social media (you get the idea). Now you have a list of questions that you can answer 1 or 2 while going live, and this can be a reoccurring event. Each week go through your list and start answering questions. This helps promote engagement and also shows your audience that you are listening to them (no matter what channel you’re grabbing the questions from) and responding. If you are grabbing these questions from social media, give the person that asked it a shout-out in the video, too!

I hope that this at least helps get your brain going for what are some possible ways you can start going live on social media to help promote your business. There are no doubt plenty of other ideas out there, and if you have some good ideas that you’ve seen work, please comment below or let us know on our social media channels as well.

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