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Facebook Hierarchy: Which post is best?

Updated: Apr 8, 2020

Social media today is like websites were in the late 1990s: everyone is expecting you to be there and will search for your business to learn more about your company. So, why are you using Facebook? Because, according to Pew Research Center, 68% of adults in America use Facebook. You’re just following your target audience and trying to get your message in front of them in a place where they are already spending their time.

Creating an organic post on your business Facebook page could include a video, link, photo or text. But which is the best option? Ultimately, it depends on what you’re content is and what you’re trying to accomplish, but following these guidelines will help you out.

Facebook has an algorithm that weighs certain posts higher than others. Due to the constant change in the world of technology, video and imagery will always get higher ratings than posts using only text. Text is still important, but pair it with a striking visual. And, if you can, include a video. Live video is even better.

So what is the hierarchy on Facebook?

  1. Live video

  2. Video

  3. Link with imagery

  4. Photos/Graphics

  5. Photo polls

  6. Text on a Facebook background

  7. Text only (as a last resort)

1. Live Video

Using Facebook Live sends an automatic notification to your followers prompting them to watch your video. This native Facebook feature is engineered to receive the highest ranking in Facebook’s algorithm and thus show up more frequently in your followers’ news feeds.

2. Video

Facebook has every intention of being the king of video on the internet, taking on internet mogul YouTube. What does this mean for you? Your videos natively shared on Facebook will rank higher than links to YouTube or other video sites. Not to mention, video catches people’s eyes and instantly engages audiences with very little effort.

3. Link with imagery

Knowledge is power. Share the knowledge of other experts by using links in your posts. If their links don’t automatically pull in an image, add one of your own images that relates to the content. Pictures will always grab more attention than strictly text in your posts. Which leads us to…

4. Photos/Graphics

Like they say, an image is worth a 1,000 words. A striking visual will grab viewers’ attention and lead them to want to learn more. Supplement your image with text and branded graphics or infographics to make a larger impression on your audience.

5. Photo Polls

A great way to generate interaction, photo polls will connect and gain additional information from your potential customers. Done correctly and you’ve just created a mini focus group for your company.

6. Text on a Facebook Background

Take advantage of Facebook’s colored backgrounds and graphic backgrounds for your text posts. The blocks of content will help your message stick out to your audience.

7. Text Only

This is your last resort. You don’t have any imagery and aren’t a fan of the Facebook backgrounds or they might not match your brand identity. These are the most basic posts available to create a message for your potential customers.

Use this hierarchy when posting to Facebook to help your content rate better on the platform. Posting consistently will increase your effectiveness by causing your posts to show up more frequently in you followers’ news feeds.

Once your target audience is seeing your content, you can start driving traffic to your website, generate leads, sell a product or service, or create overall awareness for your brand.

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