• Matt Anderson

Why You Should Take Another Look at Facebook Ads in 2021

Hey everyone! I’m probably not the first person to tell you that Facebook ads can be very effective at targeting potential customers. I’m also probably not the first person to tell you that it can be very effective, especially for local and small businesses. While we have had some experience with running Facebook ads in the past, we came across this video from Social Media Examiner that showed us some things we didn’t know for targeting and has us all excited again.

So, for the basic level of creating an ad on Facebook, you can choose your budget no matter how large or small, and you can target by city/location, age, gender and choose from a long line of different interests to make sure you hit your intended audience. This alone is some pretty powerful stuff. If you’re a smaller business in the city of Brookings for example, you can target only the people around Brooking for your ad. If you offer a service or a product that can be shipped outside of Brookings, well - you can expand your geographic reach to help reach those individuals as well.

Even with knowing those basic targeting options, the video that we mentioned above went into depth on a couple of new things that stood out to us:

  • Video targeting - with this option, you are able to target people who have been to your Facebook page that have watched your videos. You are actually able to pick which specific videos you wanted them to have watched. Not only that, but you can also choose people who have watched a certain percentage of that video. This is helpful because you are able to target people who were really interested in what that video was about instead of just watching it for a couple of seconds and leaving to watch something else. Another great example is that if you have multiple different customer personas and you have videos that speak to these, you are able to make sure to pick those to match up with whatever persona your ad is trying to appeal to.

  • Website targeting - in this targeting option, you are able to show your ad to people who have actually been to your